Cultural Encounters Reflection


1. What was one thing you learned from the simulations we played in class? How did this help you understand the essential questions better?

Well many of the simulations helped picture it better but there was in particular that helped me realize another way people move. The way they made me realize was because you ran out of something or everything.

In the simulation our 'family' was very poor and kept loosing crop, food, land, and water. Then we shared our land and food and crop and water with another 'family'. We mixed our food and all that together and we all had enough food...

At least for a week. After that we had the same problem and we finally were forced to move to the New World. So it helped me picture another way people move.

2. Reading was a part of Cultural Encounters. When you read the books you were asked to think about your reading. What did you learn about your reading while doing this

I learned that I can still read the same way as if I was just reading a regular book, while reading a historical fiction book. I learned that one of the only differences is that when I read a historical fiction book I tend to take more notes than a regular fiction or realistic fiction book. Another thing that I noticed about the differences was the different reading style. With a regular book you just read it with expression and read it fluently for your own entertainment. Where as in a historical fiction book you read it to remember or to learn about that subject.

Those are some of the things I noticed about my reading.

3. Did the journal entries help you to better understand your character? Why or why not? Explain in detail.

Well it helped me understand the life back then more, and the reason I could understand it was because I read and thought about my reading while I was reading the James Town books and the Plymouth books.

Although it helped me picture the life of the people that founded the land it didn't really help me picture the life of my character, because I am the one who made his life. Although the books helped me with the background I made the rest. So I guess you could say it helped me a little bit.

4. What was the best part of your presentation? How could it have been improved? 5. What was the biggest learning you gained from this unit? Explain with details.

I think the unit helped me learn that no one or the world is perfect and it never will be. There will probably always be people that don't like certain people and some that don't really care. It also helped me picture a lot of ways people move, that will help me if I move again understand why we moved . I had a lot of fun in this unit and learned a lot about America, slavery, the life in the 1600s, and many more things.


September 21st 1623.

I am John Jones. I am 35 years old. I am a cooper and a pretty good one too. I have one brother, his name is Jefferson. He is 36 years old and he is a fur trader. My mom and dad have decided to move us to the New World. Though my mother was very hesitant about moving my father, Joey, convinced her that this was a great opportunity for us. The only thing that we are taking with us is our trunks. We have them filled with light clothing and heavy clothing because we heard it was going to be very cold in the New World. We are very lucky that Jefferson is a fur trader because for us we get extra heavy clothing for the trip. Jefferson and I were very lucky that we had enough room in our trunks. My dad is a retired Carpenter. I used to work with him and his friends before he retired.

Jefferson and I have mixed feelings about this New World mostly because our cousin is going to be an indentured servant for seven years. My mother is also very nervous about the ship before us. There are about 180 people here waiting plus the crew and it doesn't seem to be that big of a ship. Our hopes are that we are only on the boat for about two months but any thing may happen. We also hope that all of our family including our cousin, Josh, stays safe. My brother and I after we heard that we were moving started to work extra for more money. I got a paid $150 but Jefferson only got paid $25. Together we raised enough money to go to the New World.

When we first arrived at the docks this morning we were very worried about how many people spoke different languages. We are coming here because we are poor and because of are religious belief. The captain starts loading people into the boat and we are off.

October 15th 1623

I sat on the edge of my bed. Thinking if I, and the rest of my family would end up like my mother. My mother grew very ill in the first few weeks of the journey. She and about 25 other people died, including my aunt, Josh's mom. She was 50 years old when she died. Her name was Jessica Jones.

I am very fearful of sickness now. Jefferson and I are doing every thing we can to keep my dad, Joey, our cousin, and Josh safe. Jefferson and I are also trying to stay close with Josh. We are doing quite well now. Only one storm has hit and the only bad news is that we were thrown off course and that my family and I have probably each barfed 17 times. This looks like this has been a horrid idea and we may die very soon.

November 12th 1623.

Luckily we all get there safe and sound. The illness didn't get as bad and we only ran into one storm. As my family gets off the Mayflower we quickly sat on the nearest log we stare at the ship. We are very glad to be on land again, but we are also very sad from the loss of our mother.As we stare we all shed some slight tears. My dad is very sad and he starts to ball. He will have a very rough time without my mothers love, and help around the house.

We were very thankful that we landed safely. If we would have stayed any longer we would have starved. We were very smart to pack warm clothing. When we first arrived it was very cold. When we started to find a place to settle. I prayed to God and thanked him. " Thank you God for keeping the rest of my family safe. Please watch my mom in heaven. Amen.

February 14th 1624

After it seemed like 5 years, it was really only 2 months! We had settled in quit nicely. My dad is getting use to his chores around the house. Jefferson and I are both in a successful business. Jefferson started his own business, he has started a fur trading business called JEFFERSON'S FANTASTIC FUR. I have my own business with a friend named Ross we called our business THE ELDARODO COOPERS, THE BEST IN TOWN We were the best Coopers in town. Everything is going great.

I feel very bad for Josh because he has been worked all the way to his bone.

August 17th 1624.

We have got along pretty well with the Indians and we trade with each other and Jefferson, the best fur trader in the New World, is getting along great with our Indian neighbors. They also taught him some good ways to trap some of the harder animals and the Native Americans became good friends with our family.

Jefferson and I don't regret moving because of our great businesses and our friends. I think my dad regrets going because we lost our mother. So if we would have stayed she would be with us. Then again he has loved the New World and we have enjoyed praying our god and everything freely.

The only thing I fear is our sicknesses. If we get the Indians sick they won't have a way to get better and they will have never had it before so they won't know what to do. If this happens they could take it the wrong way.

The Natives have gotten along well with our community. I hope this stays this way and we don't get in a fight.

March 17th 1625

After a while we kind off invaded the Indians space so we let them live in our village. We are pretty good friends, but trust is a little hard.

I was right though about the sickness. About five Natives have died so far but we have saved about ten.

Our store is going quite well. We have a few people that we are working with. We call our store a success because both us English men and the Natives get along fine, and because business is booming and we get payed a good amount. Although there was a bit of a fight about the land. Like some people believe the land is every ones. While others say the land is theirs because they have a fence around it. For the moment there is a makeshift agreement, but I think someday there will be a bigger fight or maybe even war. But in all everything is good and we get together well.

In the end I am glad we came to the New World.

A New Kind Of Freedom questions 1 and 2

What convinced Johann to go to America:

The land in America that he and his family will get

How did he feel about the decision later:

He felt happy and very good.

Mollys dream questions 1 and 2

Molly had a few dreams in the story such as to meet up with her family after her contract is up, to be like Mrs. Simmons except for in stead of living on top of the shop she wants to have a house with a pound and geese and ducks.


In order for Molly to meet up with her family again, and for her to be like Mrs. Simmons, she needs to respect and listen to Mrs. Simmons, and if she works succesfuly for the rest of the contract time she will get money for a house with a pond.


Back in the old days and even now a lot of people move to a place such as the US. The immigrants that came to the United States came mostly came from Great Britain. Now a days they come from all over, but some of the immigrants are not legal so they can't go to the US. What I mean by that is that some of them show up without a passport or papers. Some of the reasons the immigrants did and still come to the US is because they like the free religion. Meaning where they came from probably had some strict laws about your religion. The people called immigrants means that they have moved to the US or their family has. If you are not an immigrant your whole family either came from native Americans or from some where in what is now Hawaii.

Those are also some reasons that people move!!

1. Essential Questions

Why Do People move???

Well in my opinion these days people move because of their mom or dads job. For an example I moved to Hong Kong because my dad got a job here. In order to keep or get a house protect you or you and your family, one of the adults would have to have a job to keep there house to pay taxes and other important needs such as food, drinks, education, and clothing. Sometimes when you move to a different country you also need to learn the local language. Even some parents take classes. But of course in order to get all of these things you need to have a job that pays you money that will help your family. So i think the main reason people move is because of their job and the reason they take is because they are probably getting paid more there and it might be a good experience for their kids.

What happens when people, speak act and think differently ????

From my experience and background I would say one of the hardest things about moving is that the place you moving to is a different country that speaks i different language. Such as moving to Hong Kong. When I lived in the US all ,or at least almost all, people spoke English. Now that I am in Hong Kong all the people except for school speak Chinese. So now in school I am learning Chinese and some of my friends have tought me some Cantonese like our address for taxi drivers. I think some of the reasons people think different in different places all over the world is their language and also their culture/ belief. Another reason they might think or act different is where they are living. For an example in the US it is not nice to point at people, but in China no one really cares.

Those are the reasons I think people speak, act and think differently!