1. Essential Questions

Why Do People move???

Well in my opinion these days people move because of their mom or dads job. For an example I moved to Hong Kong because my dad got a job here. In order to keep or get a house protect you or you and your family, one of the adults would have to have a job to keep there house to pay taxes and other important needs such as food, drinks, education, and clothing. Sometimes when you move to a different country you also need to learn the local language. Even some parents take classes. But of course in order to get all of these things you need to have a job that pays you money that will help your family. So i think the main reason people move is because of their job and the reason they take is because they are probably getting paid more there and it might be a good experience for their kids.

What happens when people, speak act and think differently ????

From my experience and background I would say one of the hardest things about moving is that the place you moving to is a different country that speaks i different language. Such as moving to Hong Kong. When I lived in the US all ,or at least almost all, people spoke English. Now that I am in Hong Kong all the people except for school speak Chinese. So now in school I am learning Chinese and some of my friends have tought me some Cantonese like our address for taxi drivers. I think some of the reasons people think different in different places all over the world is their language and also their culture/ belief. Another reason they might think or act different is where they are living. For an example in the US it is not nice to point at people, but in China no one really cares.

Those are the reasons I think people speak, act and think differently!

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